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JUSTIN CAMPBELL / StarTraks 1 / 23

With motherhood around the corner for Beyonce, one person who can certainly give her pointers is her sister Solange Knowles, who gave birth to son Daniel Julez Smith Jr. in 2004. But according to Solange, Beyonce will be just fine.

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"She doesn't need my help," Solange told Wonderwall at Samantha Black's Technicolor Dreams Runway Presentation at Style 360 at Metropolitan Pavilion in New York. "She'll be a phenomenal mother with great instincts like our mother. She's going to be great."

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Solange and her sister have been hopping around New York Fashion Week, an event that has to be planned properly for a mother.

"It's been a very interesting Fashion Week, because I've been making sure that I drop off and pick up my son every day from school," she said. "So my Fashion Week consists of like 9 a.m. to 2 p.m."

Juggling a social life and motherhood can be difficult -- a task Beyonce certainly has to look forward to -- but Solange is a pro.

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"I stay in the cut; I stay low," she said of her time at fashion shows. "I mean, I don't draw attention to myself. My son is in bed, and I'm just having my little cocktail and enjoying myself."

Long nights and busy days are in Beyonce's future, but regardless of whether Beyonce (who is reportedly due in February) has a boy or a girl, Solange says she is excited.

"Either way I'm going to be a proud auntie!"