Fans aren't the only ones anticipating Kristin Cavallari's return to MTV's "The Hills" when its fifth season's bonus episodes premiere tonight.

"People always ask if I watch the show, and for the last couple seasons, there are episodes I don't want to watch, but this season, I am watching every single one of them!" Pratt told during a recent visit to our New York City offices.

Although she admits the love triangle and highly-publicized feud between Cavallari, Pratt's pal Audrina Patridge and Patridge's ex Justin "Bobby" Brescia "sucks," she tells Us it will make for good TV.

"In the first episode, Kristin goes off on Audrina and I, and we form the 'I hate you, Kristin' alliance," Pratt hints.

"[Justin and Kristin are] both going to get what they ask for," she says. "They're both going to mess with each other and get hurt. Justin's going to play her like he did Audrina, and Kristin's got it coming for her."

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