NEW YORK (AP) -- You wouldn't think T-Pain was inhibited at all. But the rapper known for his synthesized vocals says he sometimes feels creatively restrained when it comes to music.

T-Pain says he was able to express his true self in "Freaknik: The Musical," a one-hour animated special based on the raucous annual gathering of black college students in Atlanta that ran from 1983 to 1999. The show premieres March 7 on the Adult Swim cable network.

The cartoon follows students who are looking to resurrect the now-defunct street party; T-Pain is the "party ghost." It also features Andy Samberg and Lil Wayne.

T-Pain is nominated in four categories at Sunday's Grammy Awards, including best contemporary R&B album.

He says he's working on a new CD and hopes to record a song with Carrie Underwood.


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