Take heart, Twi-hards: Taylor Lautner has a couple of ideas as to how the beloved franchise can live on.

Speaking to MTV News' Josh Horowitz recently, the 20-year-old actor weighed in when asked how the story could continue.

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"How about a musical? That would be fun!" Lautner shared.

"Jackson [Rathbone] was pro-musical as well . . . That makes three of us," Horowitz quipped.

Or, "What about a reality TV show?" the star suggested.

"How would that work?" Horowitz asked.

"I haven't thought about that part yet," Lautner admitted, laughing.

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Whatever form future Twilight stories take, Lautner wishes whoever inherits the role of hunky werewolf Jacob well.

"I'll say 'Have fun,' because this character has been unreal to me," Lautner told MTV News at the Breaking Dawn -- Part 2 premiere earlier this week. "Truly, I can't imagine a cooler character to play over the past few years. Have fun with it and enjoy it."

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