"The Bachelorette"'s Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez haven't set a date for their wedding, but in the three months they have been together since they finished filming the season finale and Roberto proposed, they have discussed it.

As ET reported yesterday, the two are open to the possibility of televising their wedding, but for very practical reasons.

"We are definitely open to that idea," Roberto says. "The money we can save from that we can invest in our lives together. It would be cool to share that moment with everybody and have my family experience that with us. I think that is what is important."

"Roberto has a big family," Ali says. "His mom was telling me she was thinking along the line of 700 at the wedding. That could get expensive. It just makes sense that we would take the money and invest it in our future and our potential children's future. We feel that that is what is important and what we should be focusing on."

Ali, who wore a beautiful yellow Alberto Makali gown for the proposal, says she is pretty sure the bridesmaids' dresses will be yellow.

"There will certainly be yellow in the wedding. If not [the dresses], maybe white dresses with a splash of yellow -- a ribbon or something," she says. Then she adds, "I read people say that I was considering certain designers and I have never done that. I have made a couple of comments in the past about a certain comfortable pair of shoes I would like to wear at the wedding. I have thought about that. I definitely want it to be beautiful, simple and elegant. Whatever it is … if we were in paper bags dancing around a bonfire that would be perfect."

And Ali isn't the only one who wants to be involved. Roberto says he is sure he will be, too.

"I think what is important to me, obviously, is that she is there," he says. "Other than that my family. [I will] make sure we've got a little place to dance and have some good music."

Ali says she knew with 100 percent certainty that Roberto was the one on their last date together in the rain in Bora Bora.

"Everything was so perfect," she tells ET. "I didn't want to be with anybody else. At the end of the night, normally, I would be, 'Okay, I need to stop focusing on this guy and I need to start focusing on the next guy.' I wanted to focus on Chris L., but I couldn't focus on Chris. I just wanted to spend more time with Roberto. That is when I knew for sure. But in retrospect, looking back to the first night, that feeling I had when I first saw him was like nothing I've ever experienced. I think I fell in love at first sight."

As for the unsuccessful track record of past "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" couples, both Ali and Roberto say they don't want to be put in the same category.

"We are both simple," Ali says. "We appreciate the simple things in life. We don't want the helicopters and the crazy lavishness of all the dates. We just want to hold hands walking down the street. In terms of failed relationships, we realize that there have been a few, but we don't consider ourselves a 'Bachelor' couple. We are, but we don't lump us into a category. We are just a couple in love."

Check back with ETonline.com tomorrow when we will hear from Chris L. on how he is doing and if he is interested in putting his heart on the line one more time as the next "Bachelor."

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