Attorney Craig Robinson olive oil wrestled his way into his first one-on-one date with "The Bachelorette"'s Ali Fedotowsky on this week's episode, but it was too little too late to keep him in contention for her heart. But Craig wasn't the only one who went home this week: Justin "Rated R" Rego was sent packing when Ali received a phone call from Justin's girlfriend back home, revealing that he had promised to marry her on his return.

Now ET talks to Craig about the Justin scandal and the statements that Justin posted on his Facebook page, declaring that he was mistreated by ABC, and that he had great friendships with the guys.

"I understand that sometimes certain things may be tweaked for ratings, but I never saw that with Justin," Craig says. "This [story] was completely legit. They have voice mails from him to [Jessica, the girlfriend]. There is the fact that when Ali asked him point blank -- 'Call her a liar' -- and he said, 'No. I won't.' People wonder: 'How did this happen all of a sudden? This had to be production. This had to be ABC having a hand in this. How did Jessie from last season get involved?' It is a legitimate story. The girlfriend found out he had another girlfriend and she contacted Jessie to get in touch with production. That is the way it went down. There was no production angle. There was no ABC angle on that. What you saw on TV was the way it happened in my mind."

And, even though she rejected him, Craig has nothing but kind words for Ali. He feels that she handled the situation perfectly. In fact, he thinks she could have said more than she actually did.

"The fact that she got angry, the fact that she stood up for herself, and the fact that she said a few choice words that had to be beeped out, to me, he deserved more than she gave him," Craig says. "That is something I am looking for in a girl: a girl that stands up for herself when someone does wrong to her."

As for Justin's written statement saying that he and Craig are friends, Craig says that is a "misstatement." But he adds that he will always have a bond with the other bachelors, including Justin.

"He never interacted with many of us off-camera or on-camera," he says. "When we lived in the mansion, he would be in his bedroom until two or three in the afternoon. We would all be hanging out by the pool and we would rarely see him. When he did come out, he wouldn't interact with us. There always seemed to be something missing with him. I can say this: I feel a bond with every one of those guys because of what we went through together and I always will feel that bond."

Craig adds that Justin's actions have not caused him to doubt the credibility of the show. He still believes it is possible to find love on "The Bachelorette."

"I would not have come on this show had I not believed there was an actual chance for me to find love," he says. "The track record, obviously, it is pretty evident. I think two people have gotten married and the third are still together: Jillian and Ed are still together. I think that proves it does work. Not in every instance, but it is not your typical, run-of-the-mill way to find love."

Craig's choices for Ali's final two are Ty and Chris L.

"When I left, I said to Ali, 'If you marry one of those guys, I will be at your wedding because they are my friends.'"

"The Bachelorette" returns on Monday, July 5 at 8 p.m. on ABC, when Ali and the final five bachelors -- Chris L. Frank, Kirk, Roberto and Ty -- head to Portugal.

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