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Fresh off his hosting duties for TV Guide Network's "Live at the Golden Globes with Carrie Ann and Chris," "The Bachelor"'s Chris Harrison addresses the Rozlyn Papa scandal and talks about what's next for Jake Pavelka.

ET: There is a lot of buzz now about Ryan Callahan, who is allegedly the producer on "The Bachelor" who was fired after being accused of having an inappropriate relationship with Rozlyn. What is your feeling about this?

Chris Harrison: The situation sucked to begin with, but now, thanks to Rozlyn and her quest for 15 minutes of fame, she has buried this poor guy. We never wanted his name to come out. We didn't want to make a big deal of this. We were consciously very vague. We were going to let it slide by. This was one of those moments we didn't want to exploit, but she has done it herself. She has created this mountain out of a mole hill and exploited this poor guy and he got fired. Now, he will be trashed and taken through the mud. She thinks [people] will take her word for it that she is a good person. [Someone] will find out that she has been arrested three times. I think her naiveté has gotten her in a little deeper than she anticipated. We would never have made that public.

[Rozlyn denies that she had a sexual or romantic relationship with the show producer and acknowledges her past arrests, explaining that "The Bachelor" producers were aware of the arrests that took place about a decade ago.]

ET: With this scandal happening so close to the beginning of the season, what can fans look forward to for the rest of the season?

Chris Harrison: Oddly enough, you don't go even a week, because Monday night another person leaves unexpectedly. There is so much more left in this season that will blow people away, but in a good way. Nothing that is controversial on a Rozlyn scale, but more of on an emotional scale: Jake is back in control.

ET: The thing that I question about the show is how quickly these people get to these emotions.

Chris Harrison: I think that goes to show how well the show is produced and the concept works so well. Without there being a gimmick, it is not a game show, there is nothing at the end, but you do get that emotion. Jake even said himself, "I thought I would know what I would be going through because I was on the show before, but until you are 'The Bachelor,' you have just no idea. It really surprises you that you can have feelings for more than one person. Did I fall in love? Yeah, with more than one person." No one is prepared for that.

ET: Is that love or lust?

Chris Harrison: It is love. It is weird. It is hard to have these conversations because it sounds ridiculous, but everyone represents someone different for you.

"The Bachelor" airs tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC.