Outnumber Hunger / Promotional 1 / 14
Outnumber Hunger / Promotional 1 / 14

By Stacie Anthony

Over the past few years The Band Perry has become country music's hottest set of siblings! Wonderwall recently caught up with the award-winning trio to chat about their involvement with Outnumber Hunger, sibling rivalry and who's the messiest while on tour. Scroll through to see what Kimberly, Neil and Reid have been up to ...

Wonderwall: Can you tell us about your involvement with the 2013 Outnumber Hunger campaign?

Kimberly: This is our second year to be involved with Outnumber Hunger. This year it's been really exciting because we've gotten to be, you know, the face of the effort and we've gotten to see it way more up close and personal than even last year but you know in The Band Perry we've been afforded a particular spotlight, and part of that spotlight is one that we use to shine a little bit of light in dark places. I think that part of Outnumber Hunger for us has been about an education, I had no idea that one in six of Americans right here in the land of plenty, in our own borders, struggle with hunger. You know I always thought, ignorantly so, that it was more of a struggle in third world countries and underdeveloped land. But that means that there are people right in our backyard, that come out to our shows, we go to work with them, kids go to school with kids who are struggling with hunger, so it really hits close to home.

Reid: Go to OutnumberHunger.com and there you can find out information of these specially marked packages of General Mills products where you can enter a code online and then they will donate five meals to a local food bank which was a big deal for us to help out right in your hometown.

Kimberly: To all our fans, if they love Cinnamon Toast Crunch half as much as we do, to go out and support the cause. We've also been doing several shows around the Outnumber Hunger effort which is kind of cool to blend the new songs off of our record ... with the cause Outnumber Hunger.

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You have a new album out, "Pioneer." What inspired this record?

Kimberly: "Pioneer" is about a journey, I think when some folks think about that word "pioneer," they think about covered wagons and bonnets and a man walking on the moon. But in reality, it's not just a word that talks about the great feats of old, but it talks about the things that still have to be done in the future. And that's kind of a macro-theme in the sense that as it pertains to Outnumber Hunger there's still so many good things left to be done, but it's also a very personal theme because you know it's about that journey and about that discovery. We've made so many self-discoveries about each other and our songs and our music over the last two years. So, every song on Pioneer really talks about a different life story, a different thought, a different experience that we had on this journey to us making this second album.

The Band Perry will be performing at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. Do you have anything special planned?

Kimberly: We do! Absolutely, we've been working on our Billboard performance. We can't say what song we're doing but we've been working on it about the last week straight. We still have a lot of work to do. But you know, it's going to be great to wave the country banner on that award show stage and certainly there will be some tricks up our sleeve.

Who are you excited to see?

Kimberly: Bruno Mars!

Neil: Bruno Mars!

What is it like touring together as a family?

Neil: We're going in our 14th year of touring as a family, and so I started out when I was 8, Reid was 10 and K.P. [Kimberly] was 15 and so really this is all we've ever known. We started out driving in a suburban, you know, in a seven-seat suburban, and now we're on a tour bus which now honestly looks like a mansion compared. But you know the three of us will act like siblings every once in a while when it comes to cereal, television, who gets the controller, but for the most part we do know how to be respectful towards each other and know how to give each other their own space.

Reid: A lot of our discussions, if you will, revolve around a lot of the creative and business decisions. There will be some fireworks at times, just because we all have very big opinions but in the end it is a democracy and the best idea always wins out.

Who's the messiest on the tour bus?

Neil: Reid and I will definitely agree that K.P. is the messiest.

Kimberly: Proudly, I'm the proud.

Neil: Proudly. She calls it organized chaos, and her reason is: "If I put things in certain order, I just mentally some way, I can't find them.' [K.P. chimes in, "I can't find them."] But if it's unorganized I can seem to find it. That makes sense [laughs].

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Do you still experience any sibling rivalry?

Kimberly: Rivalry in the sense that you know the boys fight and we all have really big opinions about the direction of things and the way something should be done. Sometimes we all have identical opinions, sometimes it's three totally different opinions and at that point you just have to keep discussing and discussing until we all get on the same page. But everybody has a voice and I think that's what makes The Band Perry work. Even in our songs, if you know the three of us, you will hear all three personalities represented somewhere in this music. That's the cool thing about the blend, and the fact that we don't mind standing up to each other to get the best idea.