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Jillian Michaels' schedule is jam-packed these days with her new role as co-host and health and wellness expert on "The Doctors." But, if everything goes her way, then she'll be even busier next spring, when her adoption papers are finalized.

"That is in the works," she told Wonderwall about her adoption plans. "Anything can happen, but it seems as though hopefully by end of spring [or the] beginning of summer next year, I will be able to call myself a parent. Anything can happen, but there is progress, thank goodness."

The former trainer on "The Biggest Loser" told Women's Health magazine in April 2010 that she had plans to adopt, but as she's learned, she has to be patient.

"The process is grueling, but appropriately so," she said. "You would want somebody to go over you with a fine-toothed comb and a magnifying glass, and let me tell you, they do. I've had people in my homes going through my things, medical evaluations and background checks. I've been fingerprinted by the FBI. I've had psychiatric evaluations. My dogs have had to get psychiatric evaluations. It's a very intense process, but well worth it. I'm just staying the course with it and practicing my patience."

While reports have said that Michaels intends to adopt a child from Africa, she told Wonderwall that no doors are closed as of yet.

"I'm pursuing several different options right now," she said. "Because it is so complicated, I have my feelers out internationally and domestically."

In the meantime, Michaels, who began her first season on "The Doctors" on Sept. 12, is focusing on work. She said she is already very comfortable on the show, but the daytime TV schedule is quite different from what she was used to on "The Biggest Loser."

"The biggest difference is that in reality, you are shooting between seven and 10 days to make one to two hours of TV," she said. "In daytime you are shooting for about an hour to make about an hour of TV, so you really have to bring your A game. There's no time to screw up. It's a very different animal, but I'm thoroughly enjoying it, and I feel very at home in this type of work."

There were no first-day jitters for Michaels, who will be featured every Thursday for the next month in a reality series within the show where she demonstrates her signature brand of tough love and empowers three couples to beat addiction. But now that things are rolling, she admits she has more time to get inside her own head before a big show.

"I was stupid so I didn't realize how different it was," she said. "Until I started doing it, I didn't know to be nervous. Now, I do get a little amped up before each show, but I think that's good because it keeps you sharp and on your toes."

On set, Michaels is already meshing with the cast, saying that she's really bonded with Dr. Lisa Masterson.

"I really have started to build a sisterhood vibe with Lisa," she said. "She looks out for me now. If I have a point to make and the boys are pushing me around, Lisa is like, 'Boys, shut up!' She kind of has my back now."

The highlight for Michaels is being able to expand beyond the topic of obesity, the main focus on "The Biggest Loser," and tackle all types of health issues. One issue in particular really hits home.

"I'm sort of a budding parent right now," she said." And all the parenting segments are shocking and eye-opening and informative."

But no matter what the topic of the day is, it's all as personal to her, because as Michaels says, "Your health is personal."

"The Doctors" continues Thursday with the second part of "Wake-Up Call With Jillian Michaels." Check your local listings for time and station.