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Snooki's sex confession! Pauly's stalker scare! Vinny's FBI dreams! JWOWW's weight woes! The cast of "Jersey Shore" reveals all-new personal details about themselves!

The headline-making cast of the hit MTV show tells all in the new issue of Life & Style and Snooki even reveals that despite how the she's portrayed on the show, she doesn't get around.

"I never went further than just making out," she tells the mag. "I haven't slept with anyone in a really long time."

Meanwhile, Pauly says that he just can't keep the girls away, even claiming that some are admiring him too much.

"[I've had] so many girls stalking me, it's crazy," he says, claiming that one drove all day to see him. "She drove five hours to come see me, then five hours back. She was what I call a stage five clinger."

JWOWW tells the magazine the reason behind her recent weight gain.

"I wanted to go on a protein-shake diet," she tells Life & Style. "But I got the wrong kind of mix by accident. I ended up getting Muscle Milk, which actually makes you put on weight! I figured it out when my clothes started not fitting me right."

And Vinny says that despite his TV fame, he doesn't plan on being in front of the camera for the rest of his life.

"My dream is to be a politician," he says. "Or to work for the United Nations, the FBI or something in the White House. From the shore house to the White House!"

For more with the cast, check out the latest issue of Life & Style, on stands now.

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