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By Molly McGonigle

Unlike the calm and soothing melodies John Mayer croons, his romantic life is one chaotic roller coaster. Luckily we've been able to watch the train wrecks that are Mayer's relationships: the dramatic love affair with Jessica Simpson, and the post-break-up sex details, and the back-and-forth with Jennifer Aniston.

Now the entertainment world is buzzing about a potential reunion between Mayer and Aniston or is it Michelle Trachtenberg?

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Coming off the major flop that was "The Switch," rumors have it that Jennifer Aniston sought the consolation of her playboy-like ex-boyfriend. Starmagazine.com says that Jen and John had a romantic rendezvous recently in New York at Mayer's request. Mayer arranged a private jet for his two-times over ex-girlfriend so that no one would catch on to their potential rekindling. An inside source claims that Jen has tried dating other guys but that her feelings for Mayer are the strongest she's felt since being with Brad Pitt. Poor Aniston, a possible rekindle with her douchey-ex and a flop? Not her week.

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That brings us to young Trachtenberg, who recently bumped into Mayer at L.A. celeb hotspot SoHo House. And just like that, the two are now hot and heavy, at least according to the SFGate.com. The twosome supposedly got cozy while chatting. But Trachtenberg's rep says don't believe everything you read (shocker). The new romance rumors were shot down, with her rep claiming they've been friends forever.

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Then in a strange twist of events -- for Mayer, not his ladies -- the LATimes reported on the naughty bachelor's behavior at a concert at the Hollywood Bowl over the weekend. Mayer reportedly broke into a bizarre dance and said, "I have to answer to no one, I can do to this. No one is going to have to explain at work why their boyfriend is dancing like a jerk."

I guess that settles it. Mayer, we're not going to argue with you on this one, so well put.

(Note to Aniston: Step away from the sleazeball!)

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