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On Sunday night, Justin Bieber hit Canada's MuchMusic awards in a Kelly Kapowski T-shirt. (Make-you-feel-old fact: Bieber wasn't even born when "Saved by the Bell" went off the air.) Last night at the premiere of Horrible Bosses, Kelly, uh, sorry, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen returned the compliment, wearing a Bieber T-shirt only slightly less awesome than this Photoshopped tube-dress look. We caught up with the actress, who co-stars on USA's "White Collar," to ask her about her feelings on the Bieb and the provenance of her shirt.

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Vulture: I saw a photo of Justin Bieber wearing a T-shirt with you on it, now you’re reciprocating, wearing one of him. How did this come about?

Tiffani Thiessen: I have no idea how it came about with him, but I'm just trying to show the love back, that's all.

Vulture: Are you a fan?

TT: Of course I am. He's adorable.

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Vulture: Did you see his movie "Never Say Never?"

TT: I'll say yes. Sure!

Vulture: Where did you get that T-shirt?

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TT: Actually, I had my show, "White Collar" -- they got it in Times Square. They're all over the place. I have, like, 9 million of them in my apartment right now. So if anybody wants Justin Bieber T-shirts, I've got them.

Vulture: He's actually in town today; he did a perfume launch at Macy's.

TT: That's what I hear. I may swing on by and say hi.

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