Tiger Woods' alleged mistress Rachel Uchi calls their rumored affair "ridiculous" -- and she's willing to take a lie detector test to prove her side of the story.

Speaking out to The New York Post, the NYC beauty says the tabloids got it wrong. "Not a word of it is true," Rachel says. "I told the [National] Enquirer and Star [magazine] that it wasn't true. I told them not only did I have information to disprove the story, but I offered to take a lie-detector test ... It's the most ridiculous story. It's like they are asking me to comment if there are aliens on Earth."

Rachel says she knows the girls who blabbed to the tabs, claiming, "[She's] not even a friend of mine. This girl was never around me for any of the time she was saying she was. If I was having some big, lurid affair, I would not tell this girl. It's just ridiculous. She got paid money to sell a story to the National Enquirer. I heard she got $25,000 and another girl got $25,000. The other magazines heard about it, but they turned it down because there was no hard evidence.

While she says it's her job to mingle with high-end clients, "Tiger and I are not friends. I've only met him twice. He came in to The Griffin [the nightclub where she worked as a VIP hostess] in the summer. As usual in my job, I got a call from a promoter that he's coming in. I went outside and brought him and his entire group in, walked them upstairs, introduced him to his waitress."

Rachel has been linked to other married celebrities in the past, affairs she also denies. "It's the same story as the one with ["Bones" star] David Boreanaz a month ago," she tells The Post. "It was really embarrassing for me that [the Enquirer] spent the last two weeks calling everyone in New York about me and Tiger and that spread like wildfire." She has also been linked to Yankees star Alex Rodriguez.

She says the rumors are not as bad as a ruined reputation, however: "I don't want people to think I am having an affair with Tiger Woods, or that I am trying to leak some story that I'm having an affair with Tiger Woods. But that's less hurtful to me than them saying I am some pill-popping sex addict. Because a nice, normal guy that I would like to end up with -- hopefully they don't read Star and Enquirer -- they are going to have a tainted view of me, and that's not OK."

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