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It's not what you think. Despite multiple reports claiming otherwise, Tiger Woods did not cheat on Lindsey Vonn, so say his friends.

The super-athletic couple announced their split last week after a three-year romance. Of course, considering Tiger's high-profile sex scandal in 2009, outlets and much of the public assumed that his notorious wandering eye got the best of him.

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"I know everyone is hoping for a cheating scandal, but it's not," a source told People magazine. "There was no real drama."

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The source claimed that the issue that led to the split actually wasn't too exciting.

"This was just a relationship that didn't last. It didn't work out. They moved apart," the source said. "Tiger is really disappointed that it didn't work out. But he respects Lindsey and understands why it had to end."

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The magazine also quotes another source who echoed Tiger and Lindsey's sentiment that distance was the main culprit.

"What Tiger and Lindsey said is true: they have busy schedules and busy lives, and that sunk their relationship," the source said. "But they don't hate each other. Not at all."