Anthony / Pacific Coast News 1 / 6
Anthony / Pacific Coast News 1 / 6

Tila Tequila is sounding off in a new blog entry titled "Why I Had to Call the Police Today" after a Web site posted a video earlier Wednesday showing Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips removing dogs and clothing from Tila's home as she looked on.

"My Fiance and I had been living together at my house for about a month now, with all of our dogs! 3 total, and today these 'mean girls' bombarded MY HOME, to try to take the pups away so they can put them to sleep so they can bury the dogs with Casey," Tila blogs.

"So sad! I had to call the police because they were getting very violent outside of my house and threatening to break in! They kept kicking my door, pounding on it, and even left scratch marks on my windows and texted that they were going to try to break in from the back side!! I was alone, scared and they left me no choice."

She concludes, "Thank you for everyone's support through this rough time in my life."

In the video posted earlier on, Tila appears to allege that she believed there was a plan to put Casey's dogs to sleep, but a rep for the Johnson family tells Radar that there is no plan to put the dogs to sleep.

A rep for Tila had no comment.