Tina Fey uses some choice words in her The New Yorker article this month, writing about the woes of being a working mom in the entertainment industry.

Writing in the third person, the "30 Rock" star says of show business, "She has observed that women, at least in comedy, are labeled 'crazy' after a certain age. The writer has the suspicion that the definition of 'crazy' in show business is a woman who keeps talking even after no one wants to [have sex with] her anymore."

The article also states that the worst questions you can ask a woman are: How do you juggle it all? and Are you going to have more kids? "Science show that fertility and movie offers drop off steeply for women after forty."

However, the award winning entertainer does offer a fix for this "crazy women" crisis. "The fastest remedy for this 'women are crazy' situation is for more women to become producers and hire diverse women of various ages. That is why the writer feels obligated to stay in the business, and that is why she can't possibly take time off for a second baby, unless she does, in which case that is nobody's business."

Fey has one daughter, Alice, with her husband Jeff Richmond.

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