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Christopher Smith / Retna Ltd. 1 / 15

Crickets. There is nothing but radio silence between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes these days, according to a new report.

TMZ is reporting that the former couple wants "nothing to do with each other" and that they don't speak to one another, not even about their 8-year-old daughter Suri.

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There is "no desire on either Tom or Katie's part to mend fences," the website said, claiming there is a lot of bad blood between them.

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The former couple, who divorced in 2012, reportedly has no co-parenting discussions and everything regarding Suri is handled through intermediaries. Although Tom hasn't seen Suri in months because he's currently shooting "Mission Impossible 5" in London, he is still involved in her life, just not as much as Katie reportedly wants him to be.

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The silence between the two of them is a stark contrast to how vocal they were in marriage and in dating (you know, when Tom jumped on Oprah's couch to profess his love for Katie in 2005.)

What a difference a decade makes.