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Tom Cruise once again gushed to Oprah about the love in his life, but this time he joyously shared details about his life as a dad.

"Life is very good," he said on Friday's show. "Kids are growing up, love my wife ... five years that we've been together, Suri is four," he added with a wide smile.

When asked about his daughter's keen sense of fashion, he says it's all her! "She just likes to dress herself, wear whatever she wants. If she wants to wear it, she wears it."

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In fact, he adds, "She tells me what to wear."

Stalked by paparazzi since her birth, Tom says it's just part of life. "We don't make it a problem. We don't get nervous about it, we get used to it. Kate is a very relaxed person. We just do it."

He says the little girl is used to having famous parents. "She grew up on movie sets. She's excellent on the set; she tells people to be quiet. She's in it." His new film, "Knight and Day" with Cameron Diaz, opens June 25.

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Meanwhile, his other kids are growing up too, with son Connor now 15. So what has he told his son about women? "He's pretty smart, so I just listen. He's got plenty of time for that. I'm just there to talk."

Asked what he wishes as a father, Tom says, "That they find out what gives them pleasure so it's not work. That they're happy. I've been fortunate to have that myself ... I wish that for them. I want them to produce in life and help society."

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He also says they try to keep life at home as normal as possible. "They have chores ... I let them contribute."

On a typical Friday night, "We play Quick Scrabble," Tom says.

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