Joseph Marzullo / WENN 1 / 9
Joseph Marzullo / WENN 1 / 9

Tom Hanks performed his civic duty this week and reported to a Los Angeles courtroom for jury duty. However, the domestic violence case he had been assigned came to a surprise close following reported allegations of jury tampering involving the Oscar winning actor.

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TMZ reports that Hanks reported to jury duty on Tuesday and Wednesday. During a lunch break, Hanks was approached by a female member of the L.A. City Attorney's Office who thanked him for his service, reports TMZ.

A prosecutor reported the inappropriate contact to the court, which led the defense to ask for a hearing to prove prosecutorial misconduct. The hearing never happened because lawyers for both sides "started talking and a plea deal was cut," writes TMZ.

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The lawyer for the defendant, Andrew Flier, told the website that his client pled no contest to disturbing the peace and agreed to a $150 fine. He was on trial for allegedly striking his girlfriend and had faced up to a year in jail.