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Tom Hanks' rapper son has long had a feud with Howard Stern, but his hatred for the host went over the top on March 30.

Chet Haze took to Twitter to absolutely unload on the shock jock, threatening to assault the host and trying to coerce Howard into letting him be a guest on his Sirius radio show.

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In a profanity-filled post, Tom's second-born son said Howard's show wasn't funny and that his act was "outdated."

"The young generation doesn't know you," Chet said.

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Over time, his tweets became more and more volatile.

"Do you have any idea how badly I am going to assault you when I see you," he tweeted, aimed at Howard. "You can't run from me forever."

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Chet's beef with the host stems back to 2011 when Howard mocked Haze for his rap persona, especially given his wealthy upbringing. Other hosts have echoed Howard's sentiments, but none of them have felt Chet's social media ire quite like Howard.

Chet seems aware of how this will all be played out in the media, but he says he's unaffected by it.

"I AM A WALKING PR DISASTER," he tweeted in a another obscenity-laced tweet. "I DONT LIVE MY LIFE BY ANYBODYS RULES BUT MY OWN…"