It's been said that imitation is the highest form of flattery, even if celebrity Halloween costumes tend to mock today's most popular celebrities. From chart-topping music stars to "Jersey Shore" guidos, here's what you need to spoof your favorite celeb!

Justin Bieber: Trademark hair bob wig, hoodie, jeans and a dog tag necklace.

Snooki: Long black wig, hair poof Bump-it, tight-fitting leopard dress and an abundance of self-tanner.

The Situation: Six-pack costume, jeans and an Ed Hardy hat.

Pauly D: Black tank top, trademark "hair blowout" wig, jeans and a deep spray tan.

Rihanna: Black blazer, super short black shorts, fedora hat, microphone, sheer pantyhose and black heels.

Lady Gaga: Long white wig with bangs, Lightning bolt makeup kit, blue "Pokerface" costume, nude stockings and ankle boots.

Lindsay Lohan: Long red wig, sexy jailbird dress, thigh high boots, handcuffs and painted-on freckles.

Katy Perry: Lavender wig, cupcake costume.

Tiger Woods: Red Polo shirt, toy golf club, black pants and white golf shoes.

Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester: Short blonde wig, color-coordinated track suit, megaphone and tennis shoes.

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