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Tori Spelling tweeted her gratitude for the outpouring of support she's received following the news that her husband, Dean McDermott, was placed in an intensive care unit after a dirt bike accident. Meanwhile, Dean also explained the injury via Twitter.

Tori tweeted: "[Our] family thanks all of U so much 4 your well wishes & prayers 4 @deanracer! Means so much 2 us! Will keep u updated on Dean's condition. Xoxo."

Dean, 43, has been hospitalized with a punctured, collapsed lung, ET confirms. He is expected to stay in ICU for a few more days, but doctors say he will make a full recovery. He tweeted about the incident, writing: "It was a freak accident. We still can't figure out what happened. None the less, I have a collapsed lung and bad bruising on my right side."

He later tweeted: "Oh, and 3 stitches in my right butt cheek where a stone got imbedded. Let's just say, I won't be dirt biking anymore."

Earlier this year, McDermott was in a motorcycle accident in which he fractured his shoulder.

McDermott and Spelling have a reality show on Oxygen called "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood," and Spelling's book "uncharted terriTORI" has just been released.

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