No need to be shy when you're a werewolf!

In an appearance on Chelsea Lately that aired Monday night, True Blood's Joe Manganiello said filming in the buff is just another part of the job.

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"My manager used to say, 'I don't mind getting f**ked, as long as everybody else is getting f**ked too,'" the 34-year-old actor joked. "That's kinda how it is with the nudity!"

Manganiello, who plays a werewolf on the HBO series, is portrayed by a 120 pound American timber wolf "in [his] other form."

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"There's a trainer behind you waving raw meat over your shoulder to try to get [the timber wolf] to do what they want," he explained. "And being a werewolf and transforming [into one] when he's around... I'm usually naked in broad daylight with someone waving raw meat with like school buses of kids showing up!"

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So how does Manganiello get along with his canine counterpart? "He likes me," the actor said. "[Timber wolves] are great."

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