Tyra Banks is continuing to show her support for the kinder, gentler Vogue.

After writing an open letter to The Daily Beast Tuesday praising the magazine for pledging not to work with too-thin models, Banks appeared on Good Morning America Wednesday to further the message.

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"It's been an unspoken rule, in my opinion and a lot of models' opinions, that the fashion industry says, 'It's okay to be as skinny as you can, just as long as you can stand up and walk and not faint,' " she explained.

But not anymore!

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Vogue magazine pledged earlier this month they will not hire models who are "under the age of 16 or who appear to have an eating disorder." Banks, 38, said, "The fact that Vogue is making that mandate is the beginning of something huge." 

The America's Next Top Model host said she mentors a lot of girls who work for magazines and would cry to her about their bodies changing and being told they need to wear a smaller size.

"I tell them to start diversifying their career and start thinking about the end of the beginning. Sometimes I talk about certain nutrition," she said. "But now, I love that I'm not going to be getting that call as much."

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"I think there's a message to young girls too," Banks added. "Little girls are looking at these things and it's so important for their mothers to explain to them that things are retouched and these girls aren't necessarily eating healthy."

This article originally appeared on Usmagazine.com: Tyra Banks: Vogue's Ban on Too-Thin Models Is "The Beginning of Something Huge"