Joe Jonas has a new single due out this spring and the Jonas Brother dished to MTV News on how his brothers feel about him branching out on his own.

"They've been wanting this for me for a long time," said Joe, whose younger brother Nick made an album independent of his brothers called Who I Am in 2010 with his group Nick Jonas & the Administration.

Joe's new CD may surprise his fans. The singer indicated that his new venture will "push the envelope."

"I think edgier is good," Joe said.

The pop star also hinted that he and his producer Danja are making music that is authentic and personal but also something appropriate for a party.

"I think [Danja and I] both have been able to collaborate on something that really works for me and find me and not try to mold into something that's not being able to just be myself in my music, and kind of tell stories and be honest," said Joe, who later expressed that he also wanted to make songs that people could dance to and "have a good time."

Joe also learned from his brother Nick's solo project, saying, "The biggest thing that I saw from him - he just had a good time and he did a record that was for him."

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