Will Davies / Retna Ltd. 1 / 4
Will Davies / Retna Ltd. 1 / 4

British actor Hugh Grant was drunk when he bought the Andy Warhol painting of Dame Elizabeth Taylor which made him a $17.6 million profit. The "Notting Hill" star decided to pay an impromptu visit to see his brother in New York on a Concorde flight with his father after a boozy meal.

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The trip resulted in Grant buying the Warhol piece for $3.2 million. He later sold it for $20.8 million at an auction in 2007.

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He says, "I'd been having a drunken dinner with my father the night before and I said, 'We ought to go see my brother Jamie. You know, the Concorde's amazing. We had lunch, drank a lot of beer. And I was thinking about some stuff in the Sotheby's auction and I saw the Liz Taylor."

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