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Diego Corredor / MediaPunch / IPX / Invision/AP 1 / 18

She has her own cheering section! Kathy Griffin surprised just about everybody when she abruptly announced on March 12 that she was leaving E!'s "Fashion Police," but it didn't take long for a few high-profile supporters to publicly back her.... It also didn't take long before a report to come out that she wasn't exactly a team player.

According to "Extra," Kathy was actually on the verge of getting fired before she said "sayonara" after only seven episodes. The outlet claimed that Kathy felt that fellow "Fashion Police" star Brad Goreski was "upstaging her" with his own jokes and wanted E! executives to restrict his humor, but they refused.

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Once a comical and sometimes biting show, "Fashion Police" has become an E! powder keg, as it recently has had more drama surrounding it than one of the network's own reality shows! Critic Giuliana Rancic was the center of controversy after making a joke about young actress Zendaya. A few days after that, Kelly Osbourne quit the show.

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Now, obviously, the show is again going to have to search for a new host after Kathy has packed her bags. The fact that Kathy left seemingly on her own accord, depending on who you believe, gave great joy to many in Hollywood.

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"Girls" star Lena Dunham, often a target for Kathy's predecessor Joan Rivers, expressed her delight, Instagramming, "Congrats to my beautiful friend Kathy Griffin for bravely saying enough is enough to intolerance of all kinds on television," she captioned a throwback photo of Kathy in Minnie Mouse ears. "She's modeling a better way for the youths."

And even though the dust has yet to settle from Kelly's departure, she, too, headed to social media. "I could not be more proud of you @kathygriffin you have my love and support always!," she tweeted.

Others who publicly voiced their support for Kathy's decision included Kristen Chenoweth, Jane Lynch, Aubrey Plaza and Wendy Williams.

For a women who has a made a career out of insults, Kathy sure does have a lot of friends.