Christina Applegate is proving that she can still be sexy while being pregnant ... sort of.

In a Funny Or Die sketch (that includes some adult language), the expectant actress is an instructor for a Prenatal Pole Dancing class. "Many pregnant women experience this thing called hormones. ... Just because you put on an extra 50 pounds does not mean you're not hot," Christina explains. "That's why you need something I like to call seducidence. That's seductive [and] confidence put together."

The comedy sketch also stars "Glee" actress Jessalyn Gilsig who is sporting a baby bump, and plays a mother of four named Meeghan R. "I can use these poll dancing moves anywhere. I mean anywhere there's music you can start dancing, and a lot of men seem to like it," Jessalyn says of the class. She adds, jokingly, "Which is good because I really don't know who the father of my baby is."

Christina announced that she was pregnant this past July. The former "Married with Children" star is expecting a child with fiancé and bass player Martyn Lenoble.

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