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Tom Meinelt / Splash News 1 / 5

Have Jude Law and Sienna Miller quickly progressed from a smoochy dinner a deux to home-cooked meals?

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The London tabloids say the seemingly flame-rekindling pair, who were spied enjoying a romantic Thanksgiving pizza at a New York eatery, have taken to playing chef for one another after the curtain goes down on their respective Broadway shows ("Hamlet" for him; "After Miss Julie" for her).

"Jude loves cooking," a source tells the Daily Mirror, "and has prepared her a few dinners to ensure that she's looking after herself."

The Daily Mail, however, is convinced it's Sienna who has been slaving over a hot stove.

Either way, the actor looked satiated in a cat-who-ate-the-canary way as he exited his Manhattan apartment on Wednesday, smiling for the paparazzi as he climbed into a waiting SUV.

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About five minutes later, the starlet was snapped bolting from his digs and making a beeline for her own car.

"They have never stopped caring about each other and that has quickly become clear," a snitch informs the Mail. "They are taking things incredibly slowly, but they are getting back together again. Both are very wary of relationships."

With good reason.

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After their engagement crashed and burned in a nanny-tattling tabloid mess back in 2006, they both went on to have questionable dalliances.

Jude's brief encounter with aspiring model Samantha Burke resulted in daughter Sophia, who arrived in September (he's reportedly yet to meet the tot), while Sienna's topless cavorting last year with still-married dad of four Balthazar Getty led to a media beating.

Law's rep has brushed off the reunion reports, insisting that he and Miller are "just friends" who see "each other socially occasionally."

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