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By Jen Odell

Ever since "Hills" veteran Whitney Port left SoCal for an immersion in the New York fashion world on "The City," she's been living the dream of any wannabe designer, working first with Diane Von Furstenberg, then landing a gig with Kelly Cutrone. We caught up with Whitney on Saturday as she debuted her spring 2011 Whitney Eve collection, where she dished to us on what it was like to design without MTV's cameras following her every move, what DVF taught her -- and which body-hugging Whitney Eve pieces would look great on certain curvaceous reality TV star.

Wonderwall: In August, you blogged a plea for Kim Kardashian to help you organize your closet. Did she ever answer your prayers?

Whitney Port: No, she never helped me! I wasn't really expecting her to, but I'd just heard that she was a closet organizer in her past life. And I was living in this really horrible bedroom at the time and I wanted her to come help me clean it up.

WW: Which piece from your Whitney Eve spring collection would Kim look great in?

WP: I think she'd probably like the body-conscious pieces. I made these spandex layering pieces in all different colors: bandeaus and little bras, leggings, dresses or tunics that I think she might like with maybe a jacket paired over it.

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WW: How did the new line come together?

WP: I did it all in Los Angeles because we were able to do it while I was on a hiatus from filming ["The City"]. I had a really great team of pattern makers and sewers. But it all really stemmed from a lot of cuts and tears that I pulled, a lot of pictures that I took of people on the street whose looks I liked.

WW: What were you able to do as a designer with the cameras off for a change?

WP: A lot. I feel like I was actually able to enjoy the process. Nothing was being watched. I didn't have to be conscious of anything. I could come in to work looking like yuck and not have to worry about it.

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WW: Which celeb's style has inspired your designs?

WP: Keira Knightley is someone whose style I really admire. And the element of her fashion sense that I think you'll see throughout this is a kind of menswear-inspired look, but with a more feminine touch on it.

WW: What design lessons did you learn from Diane Von Furstenberg?

WP: I think that Diane really knows how to dress women of all shapes and sizes and that's something that I wasn't really paying attention to in the beginning. And now I feel that it's really important -- that you can't just dress for one customer. You have to broaden your horizons.

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WW: Given your opposition to people like Heidi Montag getting plastic surgery, what's your take on all the Photoshopping that goes on in magazines these days?

WP: I think that Photoshop is something that everyone does now, whether it's an ad or whatever. Obviously, I don't want someone to change how my clothes look, what that true essence of them is because I worked hard to make it look that way, but at that point, what can I do?