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Mary J. Blige turned to God to help her battle her drinking problem in the wake of Whitney Houston's death a year ago.

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The self-confessed born-again Christian admits the 2012 tragedy hit her hard and made her realize once and for all it was time to seek spiritual help in an effort to cut out her binge drinking.

She tells Los Angeles Confidential magazine, "I didn't want to go to rehab. I believe that anything man himself can do for me, God can do in a greater way. I decided to pray and to seek God on my own. I just stayed in the Word. And it worked."

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Blige admits she struggled with alcohol addiction after trying to cut back and just drink socially.

The singer adds, "I chose to learn how to drink socially and it didn't work. The test comes when you have to decide whether you're drinking to be social or drinking to cover up something again. To cover up depression, to cover up guilt. Shame. Abandonment... Once I realized, 'There you go again,' I had to stop.

"Whitney Houston's death really affected me. Her death is another reason I stopped. I really do think I'm done. I looked at how that woman could not perform anymore."

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