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By Melissa Hunter

Do you look like a celebrity? I mean, really look a celebrity? Your mom telling you that you're the spitting image of Gisele Bundchen or David Beckham doesn't count.

Ever since "Casper" was released, I have been told that I look like Christina Ricci. Growing up in LA, I would get stopped on the street for my autograph saying they just loved me in "Now and Then." Recently I got bangs thinking that would detract from the resemblance. But then wouldn't you know it, Ms. Ricci got some bangs of her own. (Though now she has that unfortunate bob, which I now know never, ever to try myself.)

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Does this sounds like your life? Well, sir or madame, this is the contest for you! Email a high-res picture of yourself to wonderwalldoppelgangers@gmail.com (along with the name of your separated-at-birth celeb) and you may get featured on the site!

If you're unsure whether you can compete in such a competition, answer these simple questions:

- When someone asks you, "Do you know who you look like?" Do you roll your eyes and answer, "Why yes. Yes I do."

- When you posted your celebrity profile picture during Doppelganger Week on Facebook, did you get comments such as "OMG I thought this was you!" "LOL" "ROFL" "LMAO!" and other well-thought out responses from your friends?

- When you wear oversized sunglasses or a baseball cap, do you get double-takes because people think you're a celeb?

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If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then send us your picture ASAP! It's time to break out of the shadow of your A-list counterpart and be famous yourself! Or at least have a cool link to send to your friends.

Like we said, email a high-res picture of yourself to wonderwalldoppelgangers@gmail.com now! Yes, NOW.

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