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Diddy may be a bachelor for life — with a catch!

While appearing on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live," the rapper was asked by a viewer why he isn't married. He and fellow artist Cassie have been together since 2007.

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"I don't know [if I'll get married]. It's the whole thing of...I think you have to be ready for it because it's somebody else's heart involved," he said. "That's just a lot of responsibility and I don't want to be going to court and having somebody interfere in my relationship. So I'd rather just do the 'Goldie Hawn.'"

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Goldie has been in a relationship with Kurt Russell since 1983, but they never tied the knot.

Diddy, however, did say that he would sign some semblance of paperwork to show that he is committed to his girl.

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"I will give a contract," he said. "I will commit to a contract, a love contract."

He continued, "I'm talking about where there's some money involved, too, if there are any problems. You have to have an agreement. You can't just love somebody, take them and y'all just part…No honestly, I just don't think I'm ready right now [for marriage], but I'm a great boyfriend."