Beretta / Sims / Rex USA 1 / 10
Beretta / Sims / Rex USA 1 / 10

Taylor Swift is one step ahead of the porn industry.

The "Blank Space" singer is well aware of the level of her celebrity and knows the seedy industries will often try to profit from her, but she's not about to allow that.

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Taylor recently shelled out some cold hard cash to secure a few pornographic domain names that invoke name, so that she can essentially remove them from the marketplace, according to

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Beginning on Jan. 1, anyone can buy websites with adult-minded endings (think: .porn, etc.). Taylor, like several Fortune 500 companies, has already scooped up the domain names before Internet trolls have their way with them.

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Brands and celebrities are reportedly given access to those in their name in what is known as a "sunrise period," ahead of the sell date.

Taylor: 1. Internet trolls: 0.