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Matt Sayles / Invision/AP 1 / 5

Former Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilkinson has vowed to undergo liposuction in a desperate bid to get her body back in shape, but after she has her second baby.

The former "Girls Next Door" star and her husband Hank Baskett welcomed their first son, Hank Baskett IV, last December. But the blonde admits she's been unhappy with her figure since packing on 55 pounds and having a C-section.

And Wilkinson, who is aiming to be pregnant "within the next year," wants to regain her famously fit shape with the quick-fix medical procedure.

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She tells Star magazine, "Having a nine-and-a-half pound baby stretched me out so much, I have all this loose skin that just won't go away ... I had a C-section, which changed everything and put a bump in the road to my weight loss.

"I didn't get liposuction after Hank, because I knew I wanted more babies. But I will 100 percent have lipo after my second baby, because until then, I know I will never be satisfied looking in the mirror."

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