NYTimes.com / Promotional 1 / 3
NYTimes.com / Promotional 1 / 3

"Jessie Catherine Fuller and Peyton Brodnax DeWitt Rodgers were married Saturday at the Players in Manhattan," reads the beginning of a New York Times wedding announcement today, featuring the newlyweds - and Will Ferrell.


Yes, that's funnyman Will Ferrell crashing the photo accompanying their wedding announcement.

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There's an explanation: The groom, known as "Buck," is currently a production assistant on the movie, "The Other Guys," which stars Mark Wahlberg and Ferrell, who decided to make a cameo in the Times photo.

The couple met last March as production assistants on the upcoming film, "When in Rome," and then worked together again on "A Couple of Dicks,"\" starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan.

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Gossip Cop would like to wish the newlyweds - and Ferrell - many years of health, happiness, laughter and love!

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