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Will Smith's singing daughter, Willow, has vowed to get even with her brother, Jaden, and tour mate Justin Bieber after they played a prank on her during a show on Sunday night.

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The two chart stars are touring together, and after Willow attempted to trick Bieber at a gig last week, he made plans to give her a scare during her set.

Taking to his Twitter page before his concert in Manchester, England, on Sunday, he wrote, "So the other day Willow decided to try and prank me. PRANK ME!! Well now is PHASE 1 of my REVENGE!! Manchester get ready!!"

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So Bieber and Jaden donned face paint and sneaked onto the stage while Willow was performing. - Now the 10-year-old sensation is plotting her own revenge on the boys.

In a post on her Facebook page, she writes, "My big brother's (sic) Justin and Jaden pranked me on stage tonight... payback!!!"

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