Adrianna M Baraza / WENN 1 / 3
Adrianna M Baraza / WENN 1 / 3

John Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, is facing a legal battle over allegations that she copied her wacky clothing line from another designer.

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New York-based stylist Haleh Nematzadeh, 36, has filed suit, alleging that Ono stole ideas for her unconventional Fashion for Men range from a fetish-inspired line by her Smashing Starlets clothing company. Ono's line features clothing with handprints printed over the crotch and nipple holes, and Nematzadeh claims the musician saw sketches for her women's line before tweaking the designs and passing them off as her own.

Nematzadeh, who filed the lawsuit at Brooklyn Federal Court on Friday, also casts doubt on Ono's claim that her racy line was inspired by her late husband.

According to the New York Post, Nematzadeh says, "They took everything with no shame. They stole from me blatantly. ... She's trying to put fetish in context, but since when does fetish and John Lennon go together? When you think of the Beatles, you think of doves and trees, not that."

Ono's line is sold through online retailer Opening Ceremony.

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