Zac Efron knows how to win a woman's heart.

During an appearance on The Rachel Ray Show airing Monday, The Lucky One actor, 24, revealed the sweetest thing he's ever done in the name of love. "I'm a fan of small romantic gestures," Efron admits. "I've done things like write a romantic song for a girl or do a painting or something like that. Those are more up my alley, I think."

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Efron -- who's rumored to be dating Mirror Mirror's Lily Collins, 22 -- says he's looking forward to taking some time off over the next few months.

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"I usually like to travel during summer, so I'll probably go to Machu Picchu or something like that. I like to go backpacking and stuff," Efron says. "Why not try to go and get as much out of it when I can be alone and think?"

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The actor adds: "It's very bare out there. It's fun. It's the best way. I'm pretty good about it -- usually I have my dad and my little brother with me. I hope they know what they're doing!"

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