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Since he burst on the scene with Disney's "High School Musical" in 2006, Zac Efron has been a crush object for tweens, teens, and yes, grown women everywhere.

Still, during an interview with "CBS Sunday Morning" airing April 1, Efron, 24, makes it clear he's pretty uncomfortable with his teen idol status.

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"For those of us who will never be a heartthrob, just explain what that's like," correspondent Tracy Smith jokingly asks the actor.

"I can't explain to you what it's like to be a heartthrob, [because] I don't think I am a heartthrob," the "New Year's Eve" star tells the host. "I hate [that word]. I hate it. It follows you around, but you don't deserve it. It's like, 'Why?'"

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How does Efron define himself? "I'm just me," he insists. "I'm just Zac. Just Zac."

Though he rejects the heartthrob label, Efron accidentally revealed he has an active enough personal life in an embarrassing red carpet incident last month. At "The Lorax" premiere on Feb. 19, Efron dropped a condom in front of cheering fans.

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"I never had a pocket-checking policy prior to going on the red carpet before," Efron told Matt Lauer during a "Today" show appearance later that week. "But now we [have] fully instated one!"