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Amicable all the way!

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens proved that not all Hollywood breakups have to be ugly. On Wednesday, the duo, who ended their five-year romance in December, came out to show their support for "High School Musical" pal Ashley Tisdale's DVD release party in West Hollywood.

Although Efron, 23, and Hudgens, 22, arrived separately on the red carpet for the launch of Tisdale's "Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure," it was anything but awkward once the exes were inside.

"Zac and Vanessa definitely seemed comfortable around each other," one observer tells "They didn't seem affectionate or romantic at all, but they were totally relaxed and friendly." Seconds another source, "They both came out to support Ashley. They knew they would both be there and were fine with it. They really are still friends."

Hudgens and Efron weren't the only "High School Musical" alumni to cheer on Tisdale: Lucas Grabeel and Olesya Rulin also attended. "It was like a 'High School Musical' reunion!" says the first observer.

"They were really excited to all see each other," the second source says. "It had been a long time. Everyone, including Zac and Vanessa, stayed late so they could catch up. They had a blast."

Would Tisdale, 25, want to work with her besties again? "I love them so much!" she told Us at the event. "At the time, it's obviously a little weird for all of us to be in a movie together, because it would remind you of 'High School Musical,' but definitely in a couple years we can definitely do it."


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