Betty Draper: Ice Queen?

In an interview with Shortlist, Zach Galifianakis revealed that he's not exactly Mad Men star January Jones' biggest fan.

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"January Jones recently told us that you were the most naturally funny man she'd ever met," the interviewer told the 41-year-old star of The Hangover 2. "Would you ever consider making a move?"

"That's really funny because if I remember correctly, she and I were very rude to each other," Galifianakis said. "I was at a party -- I'd never met her -- and she was like, 'Come sit down.' So I sit at her table and talk for 10 minutes, and she goes, 'I think it's time for you to leave now.'"

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"So I say, 'January, you are an actress in a show and everybody's going to forget about you in a few years, so f**king be nice,' and I got up and left," Galifianakis quipped. "And she thinks that's funny?"

So if a movie script ever demanded that Galifianakis do a sex scene with Jones, 33, would he do it?

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"I wouldn't want to," he revealed. "I'd hate it. I've only had to do a few of those things where you have to kiss and stuff. It's so embarrassing."

Jones is pregnant with her first child; she has not revealed the identity of her unborn baby's father.

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