Justin Long


With his boyish charm, thick brows, toothy grin, Vassar degree, sci-fi spoof Galaxy Quest debut, goofy sense of humor and a complete willingness to make fun of himself, Justin Long is the definition of adorkable. Need more proof? One of this professor’s son’s longest and most recognizable gigs was playing Mac in Apple commercials for years — he still gets a company discount — and he recently guest-starred on the New Girl, the Fox series helmed by adorkable queen bee Zooey Deschanel. It is label he wears proudly and has been honing that shtick since his days in the college comedy group Laughingstock. He fine-tuned it while playing endearing high school romantic Warren Cheswick on Ed, running for his life in Jeepers Creepers, giving Britney Spears her first onscreen kiss in Crossroads, taking a hit in Dodgeball, making Brice Willis laugh in Live Free Or Die Hard, coming of age in Youth In Revolt, and romancing his real-life ex-girlfriends Ginnifer Goodwin in He’s Just Not That Into You and Drew Barrymore in Going The Distance. He has also become in-demand voiceover talent. He spoke for lead singer Alvin in the live-action Chipmunks film as well as its squeakquels, took on several roles on King Of The Hill and has done several animated children’s films.

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