Katie Holmes


After studying modeling and acting at Margaret O’Brien’s Charm School in the Buckeye State, Katie Holmes got a part in Ang Lee’s The Ice Storm while still a senior in high school and her performance caught the eye of Kevin Williamson who was casting the groundbreaking 1998-2003 teen TV series Dawson’s Creek. Holmes won the part of witty tomboy Joey Potter, stole the show away from the namesake lead, briefly romanced her onscreen love Joshua Jackson, and became the only cast member to appear in all 128 episodes. The doe-eyed brunette successfully transitioned to film. She took on quirky indies (Pieces of April, Wonder Boys, The Singing Detective), image-busting nude scenes (The Gift, Thank You For Smoking), a couple of fright fests (Teaching Mrs. Tingle) and the occasional blockbuster (Batman Begins). But her notoriety quadrupled when she called off her engagement to actor Chris Klein in 2005 and started dating 42-year-old leading man Tom Cruise a month later. TomKat’s whirlwind romance included Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch to declare his love, an Eiffel Tower proposal after two months of dating, a pregnancy announcement after six months, the birth of daughter Suri in April 2006 and a star-studded lavish wedding in Rome in November ’06. By 2008, she’d be remade as a fashionista and made her Broadway debut in All My Sons. But just as people stopped questioning TomKat’s legitimacy, the first famous face of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics moved out and filed for divorce with the precision and secrecy of a surprise military attack in June 2012.

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