Armie Hammer


After growing up the privileged heir/grandson of oil tycoon and philanthropist Armand Hammer in Dallas, the Cayman Islands and LA, Armie Hammer, with his private school smarts, proper manners, good looks and charismatic smile, decided he wanted to become an actor. His first gig was playing Rooster Hannigan in the sixth-grade production of “Annie.” Although he continued his education on the side, he quit full-time schooling by 11th grade to pursue the dream. He became quite prolific at the one-episode guest stint appearing on “Arrested Development,” “Veronica Mars” and “Desperate Housewives.” He finally landed recurring gigs on “Gossip Girl” and cult-fave “Reaper” in 2009. His breakthrough role, err, roles, would come the following year when he played, with the help of movie magic, both Winklevoss twins in the Facebook film “The Social Network.” In 2010, his romantic life hit a high note as well. He married TV personality and model Elizabeth Chambers. He has since been see kissing Leonardo DiCaprio in “J. Edgar,” living a fairy tale in “Mirror Mirror” and jumping trains with Johnny Depp as “The Lone Ranger.”

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