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Jason Merritt / Getty Images North America 1 / 7

50 Cent was temporarily on the wrong end of a police investigation this week after he made a thinly veiled threat on social media to a man who tried to interview one of his baby mamas.

In his message, he implied that the man would need 150 stitches in his face after being cut.

According to TMZ, the man, Courtney "Mafi" Johnson, says he simply booked Shaniqua Tompkins for an interview. But, the next day the rapper posted a photo of Mafi on his Instagram along with the caption: "I have nothing to do with him getting a buck 50 in his face ... now the poor guy has to staple his face together."

The post stayed up for 45 minutes before 50 took it down, Mafi claims, but said he called police out of concern for his safety and even filed an incident report in his home state of Wisconsin.

Authorities looked into the case and determined there was nothing there.

Mafi isn't totally closing the door on the incident and is reportedly meeting with a lawyer to determine if he wants to life a lawsuit.

A source close to 50 told TMZ, "50 doesn't personally know him however he heard that he was assaulted, as a result of the vlad and Jimmy Henchmen interview that mentioned 50. Mafi personally commented on 50's post, and when 50 saw he was in fact not injured he then deleted the post."