Before Calvin Harris came along, all we had were Taylor Swift's cats -- brilliantly named after empowering female TV characters -- to swoon at on her Instagram. And then, roughly 15 months ago, the DJ became a bigger part of our lives when he started dating the pop star, and the duo began blessing us with rare, intimate photos together on social media.

It's been quite a journey ever since -- full of making out on beaches, cuddling on inflatable rafts shaped liked swans, writing each other's names in the sand. What are we going to do now that reports have surfaced claiming the "How Deep is Your Love" artist shook Tay off for good? Not that we have anything against the kitties, but are we simply just supposed to go back to cooing over cute photos of Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey? It's just too much to handle right now.

To help us ease into this breakup a little more smoothly, grab a pint of ice cream, a box of tissues and let's look at 7 times TayCal gave us all the feels with mushy, romantic, sappy Insta pics. Boy, are we going to miss these.

1. The blow-up raft that started it all! Who could forget when T. Swift made her love with Calvin Instagram official with this June 2015, canoodle-in-an-infinity-pool photo? "Swan goals," she joked. We wonder how many girlfriends forced their boyfriends to pose with them on a swan-inflatable after this.

2. "Friendly relations between Scotland and America," Taylor captioned this 2015 snapshot featuring Calvin holding her on his back during some fun Fourth of July festivities. So much steamy PDA we could basically feel their love coming out of the Instagram app.

3. Christmas with Calvin and Taylor put us so deep into the holiday spirit of love. In December 2015, she shared an adorable pic of her and her man's snowman creation. "Really proud of ourselves over here," the "Blank Space" singer wrote.

4. Taylor and Calvin, or Bonnie and Clyde? Calvin shared this photo with Taylor all bundled up in snow gear going for a ride on a four-wheeler over the holidays in Vail, Colorado. Don't they look like they could be the dangerous duo? Up next, rob a bank (not really though).

5. All they need in this life of sin, is their jet skis. Calvin posted a pic of the couple posted up on the beach with their water toys in the background, during a tropical beach getaway for their one-year anniversary in March 2016.

6. And then Tay gave us an up-close and personal view of her love for Cal with this full-on smooch-fest photo in the sand during their vacay. She simply captioned it with a heart emoji, while ours kept thumping out of our chest. A month later, she called their relationship "magical" in an issue of Vogue. We can see why, girl. We're melting over here.

7. What better way to cement your love for someone than by writing it in the sand? Well, we guess it didn't pan out so well for Taylor Swift, who posted a pic of her and Calvin Harris' real-name initials. "Taylor Swift + Adam Wiles," she wrote alongside the March 2016 shot.

So, there you have it. Whenever you start to feel down and miss getting lost in Taylor and Calvin's love, just come back and look at these cutesy photos. Or, if it makes you ladies feel any better, you can just look at this one particular shirtless, ab-full photo that the DJ shared in 2015 (over, and over, and over again ...):

Okay, okay, avert your eyes! Let's just patiently wait for Taylor to start writing fierce breakup songs.