Adam Driver lost 50 pounds in order to play a 17th century Jesuit priest in Martin Scorsese's historical drama "Silence," and even he admits that was "extreme."

The famous director told the film's stars to lose weight for the roles and Adam did as he was told. In a chat with Interview Magazine, the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" star said he lost 30 pounds before production of "Silence" and another 20 while filming.

"You're so hungry and so tired at some points that there's nothing you can do — you're not adding anything on top of what you're doing. You only have enough energy to convey what you're doing, so it's great," he said. "There are other times where a scene's not working and you don't have the energy to figure out why it's not working."

Adam is nearly unrecognizable in many of the scenes because of his ultra-thin frame in the newly-released trailer.

"When the movie begins, the characters have been traveling for two years, from Portugal to Macau, sailed around Africa. There's disease and a shortage of food," he said. "They're already kind of depleted when they get to Macau before their last leg to Japan. There's a lot of storytelling happening off camera."

Scorsese, the actor said, "wanted to see that physically. He asked us to lose a lot of weight. I didn't know how much that was going to be."

His gaunt appearance left many speechless and even Adam said that his commitment to the weight loss was something new for him.

"I can't control what's happening in scenes, but I could control when I ate food," he said, "and that visual part of the storytelling, I don't think I've ever taken it to the extreme before."

He previously said that he took water pills to help him lose weight.

"It made sense: we were playing Jesuit priests in the 17th century who were starved and beaten. But it was one of the hardest things I've had to do, just because of the physical toll it takes on you," he previously told The Telegraph. "Plus, you're waking up three times a night to go to the bathroom because you're taking all these water pills to drop weight."

After filming stopped and he was able to eat again, he said it was as if he flipped a switch in his brain.

"The first time I had a scoop of peanut butter, I could literally feel my brain turn on," he told The Telegraph. "Suddenly you're like, 'Oh, my God, I can think again!'"

See a trailer for the film that shows off Adam's extreme weight loss here: