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Adam Levine opened up his heart for Christina Grimmie and now he's opening up his wallet.

Christina, a rising star in the music industry, was shot to death last Friday as she signed autographs near a merchandise table following a concert in Orlando, Fla.

The Maroon 5 frontman, who was Christina's coach on "The Voice," has already vocalized his sadness and he has offered to pay for the funeral of his slain protege, according to her brother.

Marcus Grimmie, who tackled his sister's gunman during the melee, has actively posted about his sister since her unjust passing and spoke about Adam's offer on Facebook.

"I first heard from my sisters manager, Brian Teefey, that he will be making a gofundme to help our family move out of our current house and to take care of the funeral, and I figured why not, and I'm not about sharing that kind of stuff and I'm not a fan of handouts at all," Marcus wrote.

"I found out this morning, that Adam Levine personally called my mother and said he will pay for the funeral and her plane flight, and I was blown away," he wrote. "Now a friend just told me to look at the gofundme page and I see it is at 100k. Words cannot express...literally I have no words."

Fans have been flooding the Grimmie family with well wishes since Christina's death.

"I promise both my parents and I will read every one of these personalized messages," Marcus wrote. "I'm so blown away by everything right now. But all I can say is thank you. And Christina will be missed and never ever forgotten. Love you Christina."

Over the weekend, Adam, like his fellow "Voice" coaches, posted their thoughts about Christina on social media.

"I'm sad, shocked and confused," he said while sharing a photo of he and Christina. "We love you so much Grimmie. We are all praying hard that you can pull through this...this just isn't fair."