Being a new mom is tough stuff!

Don't let the plethora of adorable Instagram snaps fool you, Ali Fedotowsky's first month of motherhood hasn't been picture perfect. The "Bachelorette" alum penned an emotional blog post in which she stated that she's had "two breakdowns" since giving birth to Molly last month.

On Saturday, August 6, the mommy blogger, who has been posting a storm of cute snaps of her baby girl, stated that despite her two meltdowns, she's so excited about being a mom.

Ali, who welcomed daughter Molly with her fiance Kevin Mano on July 6, wrote, "Today is Molly's 1 month birthday! I can't believe it. Some nights have felt long, but overall the month has flown by. As Kevin put it this morning, she's 1/12th of the way to a year old! Ha! We already feel like she's growing up too fast."

She wrote about the ups and downs of motherhood, explaining, "This month has been a mix of emotions. Mostly happy ones, but some tears too β€” both Molly's and mine. The first couple weeks were exhausting but I was running on adrenaline so I really felt like I was on cloud nine. They were the most exciting and wonderful weeks of my life."

The emotional new mother added, "My first two weeks as a mom and the first two weeks of our family of four (we still think of our poochie Owen as our first child). I will always remember those first couple weeks as some of the happiest moments of my life!"

The reality star then went on to explain that Molly's third week was difficult because she was, "cluster feeding a lot and she was waking up every 1.5-2 hours to feed during the night."

Ali also admitted that the fear of vaccinations have plagued her, writing, "One night I broke down in tears over vaccinations. I just wish there was a 'right' answer when it comes to when we should do them." She admitted, "I cried my eyes out to Kevin while watching Molly sleep because I just wanted some 'all knowing' doctor to tell us what to do. To tell us what's best for Molly. Unfortunately that almighty doctor doesn't exist."

The blonde also admitted the couple's dog was the source for the second break down.

"I love Owen more than I can explain and having Molly around has been a huge adjustment for him," she wrote. "He loves his sister so much! Really. It's adorable how he ALWAYS has to be next to her. … That said, I can tell he misses getting all our attention. It breaks my heart when he looks at me with his puppy dog eyes while I'm feeding Molly and I can't go to him. I have to put Molly first and to be honest it's hard sometimes. Not because I don't want to completely care for and love on Molly, but because I want to give Owen the same attention I used to but can't."

Sounds like Owen's just gotta get used to not being top dog any more!